Next system update?

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When we expect next system update ? asus ?? no security updates since October ???



  • Yeah asus, wth. Okay I get that there's no feature updates but why are there no security updates either? I thought we were supposed to get atleast security updates every other month.

  • There have been no security updates because since November ASUS has been working on bringing Android 10 to the ROGII. When Android 10 is officially released I guarantee you it will come with a recent security patch.

  • Android 10 has december security update so my guess is that the next update will be dec + A10

  • When we. Get android 10 on March?? ?? If tht comes on March with Dec security patch thn?

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    This presumes that everyone will upgrade to A10. But what about those who for some reason will not upgrade? It should be like in Apple's world. My son's iPhone 5s was receiving security updates since recently, although not on the latest OS.

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    Android OEMs won't bother doing that

    Maintaining two builds based on different operating system is a fuss + it'll take up more resources and maintaining pie doesn't make sense cos 99% of the peeps will update to android 10 anyways

    iOS is a different thing altogether ( i still doubt they doubt that they maintain their phones on let's say iOS 12 as they would 13)

  • I'm hoping that we are getting android 10 within 2-3 days , as it's already been a month testing beta for android Q . Asus we expect you to update Rog phone 2 by this month , it's already time please.

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    My iPad Air gen 1 from 2014 just received the update 12.4.4.As I am the person who doesn't change hardware every year, and when I do, my family inherits old hardware, this is important for me. I am disappointed by Samsung as I bought Note 8 in October 2017. This phone had a price similar to iPhone. This phone is now obsolete as it will not get Android 10. Also it got hacked 3 times through apps that I actually paid for in Google Play Store. Buy the time I got warned by Google Play Protect it was already late. I just hope my experience with Asus will be better. I don't care if the update comes one week or month sooner or later, but I care about long term support, bug free user experience and security. I have paid too high price with Samsung.

  • We're very close but it's Chinese New Year right now which means that it won't be released within 2-3 days. You just need to have a little more patience and you'll see that you will have it soon

  • You want a broken android 10 ? A month is no threshold that after that it must become stable. Theres work still in progress thats why its taking time.

  • Yes , i agree with you . But dnt you think it's already time to get android 10? I'm not asking for an update full of bugs but a stable version , the most powerful device in the world would be fun to use on latest firmware that's it and tho I'm fuckin excited . Hope you can relate what my point is ☺️

  • I'd rather have it later than full of bugs honestly. Let's just say ASUS do release A10 quickly because if your constant complains and it have a lot of bugs. The next thing you know, you would be complaining about how big the update is and how bad ASUS is bla, bla, bla..

    At least that you know A10 update is being worked on and coming to ROG devices with the beta testing rather than no news at all, like VoLTE support for the all.

  • Let more access the beta program if it's far away, let people that's want it to work 100% to wait until A11 because it will never be perfect and will always need some updates..

  • Its okay , but i want it to be released soon bro plus i will never complain for bugs as they are part of every system be it android or iOS , they keep on improving no software was or is perfect in a go . I hope u won't update it untill it's bug free , i will keep on updating you with the bugs in final and stable update for A10 untill then do not update ?.

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    Let me put it this way, if a phone is unable to make calls because of bugs or crashes constantly, I would salute you if you dare to update. Imagine having an emergency and your phone refuses to function. Then whose fault is it? You would then blame ASUS for faulty update and complain and whine again. You are already complaining about updates man, you dare to say you will never complain lol? Think before you type.

  • I hope no one get into any kind of trouble , no matter software is perfect or full of bugs stay safe . Brother I'm not complaining about bugs just asking for an software update , i think u mixed both of em . There can be any bug , how can we judge them right? Already beta 6 is running i dnt think such things will happen brother ?? , go through some research u will find it . Already thinking before typing tho??

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    It's not really a matter of judging them at this point dude. If ASUS still haven't release the update, it means its not ready yet. The beta is released for this exact reason, to have rigorous testing. I'm not saying scenarios I mentioned DID happened, I'm saying it might. That's why there's a 'if' I'm my statement. You might want to brush up on your reading skills. Until ASUS is comfortable releasing the update that is stable enough, we are not getting A10 until then. In the event if scenarios I mentioned do happened and get sued, you think ASUS will get away in the court of law by saying to the judge, "We THOUGHT our software was ready."? ASUS is not going to release a software by your standard of assumption of how ready it is when thousand or possibly millions of customers are using their product. You obviously not thinking hard enough when typing. Think harder.

    When you post a similar topic in a different thread and saying something like, "Same here bro , getting disappointed everyday." If that is not a complain, I dunno what is.

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    Why not have open beta for the people who wants it? I can't see the reason to have it closed, just add a check box that everyone have to accept if it's not stable and can have plenty off bugs/crashes so everyone knows what they are going in to.. I always have everything on beta but not here, windows have it and no one cry that it's not stable and everything is not working. Many people just want to be able to try new stuff before it's allowed for everyone else and be a part of the future functions and help the community to find bugs and more.

    Asus should add possiblity to pick between different update rings like windows have. "Fast" ( Probably unstable ) *Slow" ( More stable ) and "Main" ( Stable ).

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