aptx HD is not working after Android 10 update in Asus 5z.

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After an update to Android 10, In my headphones when I try to play music it's not audible and usual notification of aptX also not showing. I have tried to restarting mobile and resetting the headphones, I have no luck.


  • The notification might have been removed. I remember for my 6z initially there was aptx notification but after an update it got removed.

    Not having the notification dosen't mean aptx is not getting used. After you connect your aptx supported earphones/headphones, go to bluetooth and you can check your device what audio quality it will be using. I can assure aptx hd getting used.

  • The persistent notification has been removed.

    Are you sure APTX HD *ISNT * working, or just that the notification is not showing (because that is intended).

    It is aligned with ZenFone 6, and many users complained about aptx-notification showing up and staying persistent throughout the connection, so we corrected this.

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