Zenfone 5Z new Bugs after Jan Update... Fix Needed ASAP

Abhi VarmsAbhi Varms Level 2
edited September 2020 in Fan Chat

Hey Asus,

After the recent update i started to encounter some annoying bugs.

1) I use app lock for some apps. I'm from India so I use different payment apps and they dont use applock so whenever I use one of them I was asked for both screen lock and applock and I would type pattern and they would work fine but after recent update whenever i open these apps and try to use face unlock or when i input the pin for applock it automatically is existing the app... so every time i need to go to apps setting and clear its cache only then I'm able use them for payments... Im attaching a video to understand whats happening

2) In app drawer menu apps with long name... sometimes not visible(app name) only app icon is visible... This happens a lot... sometimes its visible sometimes its not.. Look below healtifyme app

Please asus kindly fix these bugs as soon as possible... The first issue encountered with every payment app i use


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