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Hi, I wanna report bug that occur on me (android pie)

1. Screen freeze

It happened for me twice this morning. One time I just need to lock and reunlock my phone, and one other time I need to reboot my phone.

2. Battery usage

I don't know why but since yesterday my battery usage won't show up the app that I use. It only show these things

3. Fluid gesture app need to re-setting every reboot

I use fng on my rog and my other phone. But on my rog, my fng is not working every time I reboot my phone. Need to on-off accessibility and the fng app


1. Is there possible to add a little black bar if I use full gesture below the keyboard? I need the "change keyboard" feature. Or maybe we can put it on the notification tray

2. Make a simple aod. I just want a simple aod just like Aosp rom did. It works perfect for most of the people.

Thank you Asus team


  • We are weeks away from Android Q and most of our developers are away for Chinese New Year.

    Normally I would investigate these issues but since we won't be able to get an answer until next FOTA is out, which will probably fix all of your problems, I feel it's better to wait.

    About your suggestions

    1. This will be added with Android 10
    2. We're already discussing if this is something we should do
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