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I feel Asus Zenfone 6z is not up to the mark. It has to be improved a lot in UI. Phone getting hear drastically even for 1min of call duration. Getting stuck every time. Very poor performance except the camera flip feature nothing is there in phone. Performing like a Rs. 8000 Indian rupees phone even those phones will do better job than this big giant 855 processor containing phone.


  • If u have this problem a factory reset should do the job but before you do send your log file to @Anders_ASUS so that they can analyse the problem ,i have the problem too

    Do a reset u'll be fine for sometime but make sure to send your log to mods

  • The problem is there,many people have complained about it,devlopers are looking into it,but for temporary fix just restart your phone and you'll be fine for a week or so

  • I will send you instructions on how to log your phone so we can find out why your UI stutters

  • Sir same problem sir after disconnecting a call it hangs and also move to emergency call

  • Well that's a new one. I've heard of users where the phone restarts but not hanging and moving to emergency call. I will send you a PM with instructions on how to log your phone

  • I don't have issue mentioned in this thread, I recommend factory reset after flashing full update file as it will remove a lot of bugs. However I feel the software needs a lot of work, its not smooth and sometimes you can encounter bugs. One time I was clicking pictures at a wedding and suddenly the camera app was showing black screen, reboot fixed it but such issues ruins the whole experience.

  • It's hard for us to fix something that only happened once. If it's a recurring issue then we can log your phone to find out why. It would probably be enough to just restart the camera app but I agree that it shouldn't happen. Please let us know if it happens again

  • My Asus6z stutters a lot. Also it hangs many times when using camera for clicking photos. Even phones without Snapdragon 855 don't hang like this. Please resolve the issue. Sometimes it automatically restarts as well. Restarting phone fix the issue temporarily but after few days it again start stuttering.

  • Did u buy the phone recently or the stutters start after upgrading to android 10?

  • I also have same problem. the the performance is now very poor ,camera is not working properly.and after udated to 121 version I just lost buttery smooth experience . it is very frustrating

  • After updating to android 10, While navigating from one app to other or home it's too slow to switch and stutters.

    Also I experienced automatic reboots and camera stuttering previously as well but after this *update* it's too frequent to ignore.

  • The only solution we know for that is restart when ever there are stutters and u will be good to go for some time

    If mods contact you please send them logs so that devlopers analyse it

  • Phone is lagging after updating to this firmware. Also previous update improved a lot as the phone was stuttering on the past as well but after the previous update I experienced a quite smooth performance. This new firmware is again causing a lot of stuttering. After updating to this I restart my phone 7 times in around 1 hour of time.

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    After updating to this I restart my phone 7 times in around 1 hour of time.

    If your phone restarts itself so many times in one hour, service it.

    If you need to restart your phone so many times in one hour, please do yourself a favor, reset your phone without reinstalling your previous settings and test how is your phone working then. Because it is not normal at all.

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