zenfone 5z randomly reboots and crashes after A10 update

vendistomasvendistomas Level 1
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Hi, i have problems with my zenfone 5z. Some days after update to Android 10, mobile crash during vide playback. Then, it was not possible to power on phone. After cca 10 hours, i tried power on again and mobile started normaly. So i did factory reset and continued to use phone next 10 day without any problem. Then again same problem occured. And again after cca 11 hours phone started normaly. But next day after this, phone started randomly reboot and after reboot phone did not start, it reboot again during booting. Finally it powered on after 3,5,7 or more reboots. And then again, after 10 minutes of using rebooted. And again and again.

I red many topics in this forum and it looks like very simillar with issue zenfone 6 6z after update to Android 10. Asus said, that could be hw problem with motherboard. So tomorrow, i will send phone to asus service...


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