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I have Asus ROG Phone 2 Global version and i am on WW_Phone-16.0631.1910.64 update. I am facing few issues that i would like to share.

1. Sound delay issue in headphone or bluetooth headset while using inbuilt screen recorder. The delay is noticeable and it was not an issue before 2 updates. It is a bug in screen recorder.

2. The device does not charge via 18w charger while playing PUBG MOBILE game and discharge even if the charger is connected [TESTED ONLY WITH SIDE CHARGING PORT].

3. No game sound while on call and sometimes game sound comes from ear piece instead of speakers. Also we cannot record game while having ingame mic on and having screen recorder audio setting on microphone.

4. Battery charging is slow sometimes and it doesn't detect super charge with original 18w charger and we need to replug it.

5. Phone shuts down unexpectedly when on call on bluetooth and having few apps opened. Happens randomly.

6. Camera HDR+ Enhanced takes time to capture picture if there are many things in the picture.

7. Phone gets a little choppy after playing heavy games like PUBG Mobile.


1. Add an option where we can hide the screen recorder while recording like a bubble feature or a notification, feature.

2. Add new Armory crate open animation.

3. Add a feature so we can use the air trigger sliding gesture and tap at the same time.

4. Improve gaming experiance by adding more preset to games like PUBG so the battery is optimized and the game works smooth.

5. Add more apps to the twin apps and let us customize what apps to twin.

6. Add an editing feature so we can edit photos and videos more.

7. Add new color notification light for different charging modes. For Example: Normal charging: Red, Fast charging: blue, Hyper charging: green or purple.


    1. How long would you say this delay is? Bluetooth headphones already have a little delay and you don't need to use screen recorder to notice this delay if you compare built in speaker delay vs Bluetooth
    2. This is because of the temperature. It needs to prevent battery temp from causing long term damage and currently, the only way to do that is to decrease the charging rate. But the charging will still give you more hours of gaming than if you hadn't connected your charger
    3. Ok, a lot of different issues. 1. It's intentional that you should only listen to the other caller during a call 2. Sometimes game sound comes from earpiece instead of speakers? I would need to have a log for this and more details. Like what more has happened. Did you get an incoming call and this happened right after? Or just random when you start a game? 3. The request to record both system audio and mic simultaneously is something which we're already discussing
    4. I would need to have a log for this.
    5. This is a know issue that will be fixed with FOTA
    6. It requires more processing. Don't use HDR++ if you want a faster capture
    7. For how long? I would need to have a log for this.

    Feature recommendations

    1. You can move the floating window and it won't be visible in the recording. Do you still, knowing this information think it's necessary to remove it completely?
    2. I believe the one we have is ok and a lot of users probably want to turn it off altogether so making another one doesn't feel very necessary.
    3. Already being discussed
    4. Also being discussed
    5. This has been requested since the early days of TwinApps and we have enough bugs to sort out as it is with the apps we support. When we add more apps, user expect them to run as well as with the main app. This is why we don't allow every app to be a TwinApp. But there are 3rd party apps in Google Play Store that gives you this functionality with all apps.
    6. This has been discussed before and will be again. The response has previously been that there are so many great 3rd party alternatives and no matter what we do, someone will always want to have more features.
    7. The problem is that the current LED is not full RGB. It can only display Red and Green plus all the colors in between. Plus, the Always On Display is already displaying what you're requesting.
  • Hello, I appreciate your answers. Let me point out a few things that i think could be improved and point out a few things.

    1. Delay in headset or bluetooth only increase when i turn on inbuilt screen recorder and the delay is almost 2 second or maybe a second.

    3. I understand that we cannot hear the game sound while call but after i hang up the call, my game sound comes from ear piece until i turn off my ingame mic.

    4. It just happens a few times turns out my charger was faulty. It is now working fine.

    7. Pubg mobile session for atleast 3 hours makes mobile choppy.

  • also i would appreciate the recording floating thing to be gone or just be small like a bubble. please take a look into it and also look into the delay of sound while on headset or bluetooth while recording.

  • 1- Ok, then I need a log for this because I can't duplicate it on my device. I have maybe 250ms delay at most. Not 1000-2000ms as in your case

    3- I need a log

    4- Ah, I see :)

    7- Then I need a log for this as well

    Just follow my instructions in the PM I sent you

  • ok can you tell me step by step on how to log the delay on my headset or bluetooth while recording???

  • For 1. just start a timer at the same time you press and stop it once you start hearing the sound. Then you may remove some of the time due to slow reaction.

    For 3. Start a game, call yourself from another phone, hang up the call and if game sound comes from ear piece then go to our log tool and press the "capture log to MTP" button

    For 7. Play PUBG for a couple of hours, if you experience that the UI is slow, then go to log tool and press the "capture log to MTP" button

  • i have a question do you have a aerocooler attached with your phone?

  • You can send me a PM with your issue and I will reply you with the tool and instructions if I determine that it's necessary

  • I have also same problem. While I started recording I feel near about 1 second sound delay in my wired earphone but when I watch the recording clips there is no delay. It's quite hard to play games like pubg while using recording. If I am not using recording it's absolutely fine. Please fix this.

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