Any option to hide bottom bar while use gesture navigation?

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Hi, i really like to use new gesture navigation but this bottom bar is bad and behave strangely while I am using the keyboard it adds huge chin to it on the bottom. And is it necessary to display that bar? Oneplus have the option to hide it completely and everything is working after that :P.


  • There is currently no such option as we also follow the Android 10 design.

  • But there is a chance on a tweak that or add hide option in future? : P

  • From Android Pie I am using FNG to my highest satisfaction. I can recommend to try it.

  • Interesting shame that i need to use third pt apps for something that basic like navigation Asus...

    TY for app name. @_jis_

  • _jis__jis_ Level 5
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    The reason is a little different. We were all waiting for the gestures that bring Android 10, I mean new gestures from Google. And what did we find out? That Google has not yet prepared them to work with a third-party launcher. So if I use Nova Launcher and want to have the best fully configurable gestures I can get, I have to use FNG. It is hard to find better gestures in any ROM.

  • From my side, it is just ugly to leave any bar at the bottom when you don't need to and that huge keyboard chin bar...nope.

  • I agree with you, but we must not forget that Android is primarily developed for BFU and not for power users. On the other hand, power user can still handle it :)

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