Asus Zenfone 6 (ZS630KL - flip camera) not charging after draining to 0%

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Hi all.

So the title pretty much explains everything; My phone drained overnight to 0% and now it wont charge at all regardless what lead or plug/port/device i use to charge it from.

I've never had any issues with charging before, in fact the experience with the phone has been flawless to this point. It's just now suddenly it doesn't want to charge itself even when I use the bundled in plug and lead, regardless how long a time i leave it.

The phone is only about 6 months old and in perfect condition.

The USB-C port on it is in perfect condition and is in no way faulty. The phone appears to "detect" it's plugged in, because if i plug it in, then try to start it, the andriod logo appears briefly before switching off.

If i unplug it and attempt to turn it on, a green lightning logo with a circle around it appears - indicating to plug it in to charge it.

This is clearly a hardware issue relating to the battery/protection circuit and charging. I Was wondering perhaps people here could shine some light on it? Ideally i'd like to try and get it working again so i can at least retrieve data before an RMA.


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