Don't update to Android 10 yet

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People using the zenfone 6, don't upgrade to the Android 10 version yet, I'm using the Android 10 updated version but it is truly horrendous, the phone freezes every minute, when taking a photo it takes like a second to take it, fingerprint sensor doesn't work correctly, terrible lag etc.

I may do a factory reset to go back to Android 9 until they fix it, because with this update the phone is unusable.

Hope they fix it, because it is a really good phone, but the update makes it trash.


  • Yeah i also feel that they are taking so much time to fix many problems. I waited for one month for some update. now 3 days before i received .110 update which i was eager as they fixed major problems but it was not that much useful we asked for major fixes but what we got is an integrated zoom and settings to change power button style and some boot animation. Cmon asus we asked for major camera changes and fix for bugs. Now my phone is also freezing like hell why are you doing this I don't get it. Please bring some useful updates.i also factory rested my phone because this is the only phone where we have to factory reset everytime after an update?.i am an asus fan now i am slowly getting irritated.

  • I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with the Android 10 update. Many of the problems you are talking about can be fixed with a factory reset.

    I recommend backing up your data and then resetting the device. It will still be on Android 10, but the bugs that occurred during the update should not be preset.

    If you continue to see these issues AFTER the reset, please comment again and we can go from there.

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