[Kunai Gamepad] Does it work on PC?

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On the eshop (french one to be exact), it says "Compatible only with ROG phone II and PC in USB mode".

Does it really work for PC? And how can I configure inputs to make it works for PC games? (tried to configure inputs for Rocket League but nothing happen)

Gamepad user manual doesn't help either about that, it only explain how to connect it to the phone.

Thank in advance for the answer.


  • You'll probably need to use Steam to set it up for use with Rocket League.

  • Unfortunately that was a mistake, the Kunai is NOT PC compatible. We are contacting the eStore to have the listing updated.

  • I get it work on PC for Steam Games via the WiFi Connection .. u have to set up the Rog Gamepad as a seperate Gamepad Config.. there you can set the Buttons like an XBox Controller or whatever you want :D . .but sadly only works for Steam Games ..

    Have the Controller since today, am a bit dissapointed bout the small amount of possibilties in my Android Games .. wish we have a Mouse Emulation or so ... because lots of Games need more than some fixed Points to click .. especially Games like Darkness Rises or now Black Desert Mobile, which has no Gamepad Support.

  • The controller does have mouse emulation. You need to have it in the holder

    This button turns on mouse mode.

  • I connected my ROG Kunai gamepad to PC via Bluetooth and it tested fine; all of the inputs worked. However, when I tried to play CODMW, the game didn't recognize a controller was connected. Is there a fix for this?

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    You need to use Steam Controller Configuration or something that can emulate the controller as a 360/One controller if you want to use it on PC.

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