Phone Beeps in full volume and switches off while in Bluetooth connection

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Hi team,

While connected to Bluetooth headset. When a call comes i am able to speak without any issue. But after cutting the call suddenly a very high sound comes and phone gets switched off. This happens atleast 3 times a day. Kindly fix this issue asap.


  • Hi! Do you mean it turns off completely? I need to know why this is happening. Is it ok if we log your phone? I will send you a PM

  • For 2 weeks im not getting this issue. Also others also posted the same iaaue. Not sure how it got solved automatically. Anyway thanks.

  • It's not fixed in the current FW but if you keep the BT volume at 3 out of 7 steps, it won't trigger a restart. So maybe you have done this and this is why it hasn't restarted.

  • When we can expect a fix for this :(

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