Multiple Issues in ROG phone 2 after 2 months usage

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Hi guys !

I got my ROG 2 among the first batch in India . It's currently running on android 9 , 1st October security patch ,kernel 4.14.83 .

some issues i am facing -

  1. Screen freezes in the middle of gaming, especially while playing call of duty, the screen just freezes but i can still hear the audio and people chatting , i have to go back to home screen , clear the game from memory and restart it.
  2. fingerprint scanner is really really slow , i have a 3.5 year lenovo phone whose finger print scanner is faster than ROG 2, second if an app has app lock and the screen times out when that app is open then the system UI crashes hen i open the phone lock using fingerprint scanner, i have to lock the screen and open again .
  3. ear speaker crackles when on a phone call, this happens only when i am on a call, the speaker makes crackle noises .
  4. The macro mode in the camera is probably one of the most difficult thing i have deal with in photography, it does not focus on the subject at all , i have struggle with various angles and distances to figure out when it wants to work.
  5. Pocket mode is probably a useless feature on the phone as the phone has pocket dialed emergency services multiple times.
  6. The screen brightness is a major issue , the lowest brightness setting can still act like a torch light in pitch dark places ( it's way too bright!) . The other strange thing i have noticed is when i step into direct sunlight the auto brightness sensor really struggles , the brightness incremental is so slow that i can basically see the brightness increases in sorta like step wise like flickering.

and last updates guys come on! i am not asking for android 10 but security updates or updates to fix simple bugs , anything at all ! one of my family member is using zenfone max M2 and it is running on December 5th update and i am using a premium phone released in 2019 that is running on android 9 october 1st update .

other than the above issues am really glad i bought this phone , it's a beast of phone and definitely a head turner in a crowd.



    1. Does this happen every time? This is a popular game and this is the first time I hear that it freezes. We could log your phone and maybe find out why
    2. There's a fix for the fingerprint reader in the FOTA being released any time now and maybe that fix will fix this issue too
    3. Always? I've never heard this. We would have to log that as well
    4. There's no macro mode. This is why ?. There's a macro logo on the manual focus in pro mode but we didn't know what other logo to use for objects that are close
    5. I just did some testing and can confirm that it's not working as intended. The proximity sensor needs to be fully covered for this function to trigger. I will forward this to our devs. Thanks!
    6. I'll have a look at the proximity sensor too. I'm living in Sweden with night time pretty much all day during this time of year so I'll have to find a flashlight :)

    We just started beta testing Android Q and when you get it, you will also get Android mainline meaning that security updates will be pushed out separately and much more frequently

  • I can relate to 3 and 6.

    The phone call speaker seems kinda distorted (I can still understand the caller, but it's quite worse than I used to have till now with other phones).

    About 6 - the screen is extremely bright at lowest settings! I am using it all the time at 0 percent brightness and it's OK for inside use during the day. Can't look directly at the phone with mininal brightness at night/wakeup.

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    It would be great if you could record your screen with another phone. I have a hard time replicating any flicker increase with the help of a flashlight.

    I will forward your opinion about the lowest brightness

  • The Call of duty freezing issue occurs every single time , i have multiple threads on this forum with the same issue , it happens only with battle royal and no other mode . Only while playing battle Royal Mode in COD the freezes freezes and starts flickering i have to close the game , clear it from memory and start again.

    i have already tried clearing cache , clearing storage , reinstalling the game the issue still exists. I saw in one the threads one of the moderators posting a YouTube video on fixing the issue by adding .obb extension to the COD file , i tried that too the flickering and freezing stopped and then it started showing no network and disconnects from the game , i had to reinstall to make it work again but with freezing issue .

    hen i said macro mode i meant the macro in focus option only , i use to on an Asus Zenfone and a lenovo phone i have used pro mode with focus set to macro it focuses at a particular distance and stays focused at that distance ( i have to hold it still ) , the problem i have in ROG 2 is that if i use it in pro mode with focus set macro whatever distance i put the phone at it never focuses ,with great difficulty if i try to get it to focus it immediately goes out of focus even if i hold it still . i am not sure ho i can explain it better i'll try to make a video of the issue and send you guys .

    i have noted your request for the screen brightness flickering issue under direct sunlight, i'll send it as soon as possible .

  • The call of duty issue really feels like the developers issue and not ASUS. If you google Call of Duty mobile battle royale freezing you will find threads in other manufacturer forums as well

    Ok, now that I understand what is wrong with your macro, you can fix it by using the fix in this thread. Right after, you may test the focus slider again and it should work without any auto focus

  • also coming to proximity sensor the feature to take calls by directly placing to ear also doesn't work as good as it's shown, so please take a look at this also

  • @Anders_ASUS I also can relate to issue no. 3.

    I have an elite version, and it's quite hard to hear what the other person said.

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    4=> Have you enabled Pre-AF in Pro Mode settings? If Pre-AF is enabled then camera tries to focus automatically even in manual mode. ?

    PS: You can see and change Pre-AF only when you set focus to auto in Pro Mode.

  • How can i change settings of proximity sensor in rog phone 2

  • anyone having this issue after update 191.64? every game always freeze or crash between 2-5 mins and also some apps like messenger, chrome it always crash randomly its like this phone is unplayable.

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    No issues till Now. Most of the game freezing issues and crashing issues have been solved since the last update . The Call of Duty app occasionally crashes hen played for a long time.

    Try Factory reset once , most of the time it solves any software issues .

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    Bonjour j'ai exactement le même soucis cité plus haut a chaque partie en battue royale sur CoD mobile le jeux crash de façon aléatoire.... Soit en plein game soit dans le chargement ou même a la fin de game.. le telephone n'a même pas trois jours que ça fait deja des bugs.... Jetais a la base sur un iPhone XR et je n'ai jamais eu ce genre de problèmes quelques petits bugs mais rien de bien mechant la depuis jai voulu me faire plaisir en m'offrant un bon telephone pour gaming et voilà que les ennuis commencent vraiment j'ai besoin d'aide j'ai tout essayé reinitialser le jeux plusieurs fois vider les caches memoires j'ai été carrement jusqu'à reinitialser tout le telephone et malgré tout ça continue....

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    I have a black screen issue in COD. It happens randomly while playing and then I have to quit and restart to make it work.

  • hi i have issue on my rog phone 2.. look like got 2 screen lock... is it this software issue or my settings issue.....

    this is the extra lock screen..... need to swip then finger print to unlock the phone. please advise..... thanls

  • Looks like it is caused by an app to me, double check your installed apps.

  • This issue happens with me too on Call of duty mobile, I play and several different devices but it's only the rog phone 2 that this happens on.

    The game freezes in MP and BR functions of the game, the game keeps running it's the screen that shutters and repeats.

    Can I capture a bug report to send to a mod to look into?

    I bought this device just to play this game using its speed and triggers.

    This currently happens every game.

  • Yea I heard , lot of people are facing the issue with varying frequency of occurrence . Personally it does happen to me to , the app closes suddenly , black screen , screen freezing .etc etc but I have seen some ROG 2 Phones with extreme occurence . I have told Asus guys multiple times but they say it's a Tencent issue . Don't know what to do

  • Yeah but it's not just codm it's lots of games with high specs, every other device seems to be fine.

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