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Yesterday night around 10pm my battery level was. 85% but when I woke up at 6am it's dead ... How that possible I don't know. But my home is in a remote village so no network.. so I kept my Mobile asusu 6z in aeroplane mode too. But battery level was too bad. That's it's gone to zero from 85 percentage.. is there any solution for this..????


  • Well that is quite odd.

    Are you running android 9 or 10?

    Try doing a battery calibration.

  • It happened to me once but i don't know the cause

    It didn't repeat either

  • Can you reboot your phone and charge it to 100%? That should reset the battery and the tracking stats. It should absolutely not be draining from 85% to 0%, even if airplane mode was not enabled.

    If this happens again, I recommend contacting an ASUS service center for a hardware check of your battery.

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