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So i bought the Asus ROG Phone II like a month ago 12gn/512gb verison. After using it for a while there are many bugs need to be fixed ASAP. I hope the ASUS mobile developers will consider it on the next update.

  1. the VOIP calls over Viber/whatsapp/ facebook messenger etc have a very bad quality though the audio 3.5 jack like when i connect the earphones and calling using those apps it has low volume no matter what i have volume level on.
  2. when i am calling someong and start playing a game the audio is a simple messed up! like unclear and bad quality.
  3. the notifications doesnt wok on most apps just i tried to reset the notifications default but the nevery work for example GPS tracking app, Snapchat, most of the news apps notifications etc.
  4. Twin apps doesnt suport Snapchat app. other apps working ok.

I dont remmber the rest of the bugs but those irritate me alot.


  • Totally agree with 1 & 2, even on bluetooth headset the voice is not good and there is problem of voice while playing and on calls.

    Good observation.

    I'm affirmative about the calls because i stay like 2-3 hrs daily on calls ans people do complain me about it

  • Yeah it is so irritating

  • Add to that the chariging remaining time there is no option for it

    1. I can't detect any quality difference in whatsapp or fb messenger with 3.5mm but I did notice a volume difference in fb messenger which I have now reported to our devs
    2. I didn't notice any quality difference but I did notice that the volume increased in fb messenger which I have also reported. Thanks!
    3. this could have something to do with your settings in auto-start manager which you can find in settings -> battery -> power master. You can enable all apps to auto-start at the top.
    4. this isn't a bug, it's just not supported. I can ask if we can add snapchat
  • Are you noticing any quality difference on your end or is it just the people on the other end who's complaining about your voice?

  • Btw

    The voice is much better now but still there is few issues

    For example if I get a phone call while playing a game.. I don't hear the game sounds anymore until I hang up.

    When I am playing a game and someone call voip call the audio for both the game and the call become louder

  • … .. Upppp well can u answer?

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