Lost in space, righteous mishandlings an camera blue's with no clue's

mastershumastershu Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

All i know is my camera has suffered greatly from android 10...theres a huuge difference in pics taken now compared to pics taken b4 an after 9... Handheld an tripod..... But im hearing( technically seeing) that im a liar an there is no difference an that Asus phones are like their motherboards... With the whole "silicon lottery" either its great or its horrible.... Apparently i got the horrible an no one seems to care... OH AN BTW ASUS SERVICE CENTER LOST MY PHONE!! WHO IS GONNA PAY FOR THAT? I doubt asus will... 600 bux of nothing but problems....shoulda gone with huawei.... The entire selling point of the zf 6 was the camera so this makes no sense at all... Im stuck having to take crappy pics now that no one wants to see? Sure let me give you this pic with no detail in the trees.. Bland colors an all around an just bad all together .... Gcam nor adobe can fix this.... An asus cant even fix my phone..... Jesus this is bad


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