Problems post Android 10 update..

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I have been facing problems with the fingerprint unlock, it is taking longer in unlocking the device and I have to switch between fingers to unlock. Other problem that I have noticed is that the battery life has also gone down for about an hour. Earlier it would easily give an estimated 8 hours of screen on time now it has come down to 7. Does anyone else face the similar issue? Kindly share


  • After the latest android 10 update my phone started restarting Agian n again especially when I use camera. Guys what should I do?

  • We had a fingerprint issue before which has been fixed in the latest fota but to my knowledge, switching finger didn't help with that issue. So I wonder if this could be something new. Are you already on the latest FOTA?

    Your battery issue could be anything and if the difference is only one hour, then there might not even be anything wrong. Just a slight change in your user behaviour that you haven't noticed yourself.

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