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I am planning to buy this device, but from reading the reviews and the posts in this forum, I'm concerned about a few things.

  1. How good is the display? Does it have punchy blacks? How is the display quality when compared to other flagships in this price segment?
  2. How bad is the red tint issue? Is it a hardware defect? Are all devices affected? Will future software updates fix the issue? I will have the display brightness set to lowest almost all the time, so this issue is a deal breaker for me.

I am from India and here the device is available only through flipkart, which is not a buyer friendly platform. Returning or getting the device replaced would be a major headache, so I need to know if the device is worth buying.

Thanks in advance. :)


  • Hi!

    I'm an owner of the phone and I'm absolutely conformable and happy with my purchase a while ago. I had no such issues with the screen but I guess it's normal that some units come defective from factory: It's electronic and that happens all the time. It's also very understandable that here what you'll see are people posting "Hey I have this problem" or "Hey, I have that problem" but it's extremely unlikely to see someone creating a post just to say how well the screen works or the phone in general. Just go ahead and see it for yourself: get into one of samsungs forums for example and look how many people post their problems with the phone.

    Believe me: The screen is one of the best screens on a phone I've ever seen. Not only because of the 120Hrz (which in itself is a lot and means a huge difference between 60hrz) but also because of the latency or response of the screen which is, simply, beautiful.

  • The display is not as good as Oneplus or Realme, the blacks aren't punchy as other competitors.

    Red tint issue is bad, I personally feel it is a hardware issue but the community is divided on the same, also there is no official response from Asus even after 5 months of the launch, so I am not sure whether it will be fixed in the future. If you are keeping your display brightness to low, you will see red tint everywhere because the entire UI is of grey color.

  • Yeah the red tint issue is pretty bad and it does seem like a hardware issue. The brightness doesn't go down that low either so i have to use an app like pixel filter or twilight to make it dimmer.

  • I agree with above all but as far as performance is there 5****

  • Performance is due to the Qualcomm chipset, which will be replicated if you get any device with Snapdragon 855.

  • All major brands using the same chipset with 845/855 or plus. Design also matters plus handful of accessories

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    It's worth buying, but with the 30w charger.

  • It's a pretty decent difference in 845 to 855 and a bigger diff on 845 to 855+. And the accessories still aren't launched in India

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    I disagree. That is not the case in all the phones. I had SD 835 chip set phone but it beats POCO f1 (SD 845) in all aspects. My friend who has poco f1 felt really bad after seeing real time comparison. Also, some phones will degrade the performance after few months of usage and I have noticed it in Samsung devices.

    Qualcomm Chipset alone is not enough to give best performance. All the hardware quality in the device (eg., UFS Storage, motherboard) and software should be good.

    Asus is good in quality of chips and motherboard. There are always some exception cases for hardware failure.

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    Dont buy if you Playing PUBG or wanna be Conqueror on...

    Ready my Post fully

    I recently buy an ASUS ROG 2 ZS660KL 12gb RAM 512gb ROM TENCENT VERSION For Playing PUBG ,After two month my phone Has Screen Burn in on Navigation bar.ASUS Leader dont want to reply me on my thread they know Oled problem .you dont play regular game max 40 min ,so why they make beas phone for gaming .The page admin did not replying me on my thread they know big prob how to satisfy to customer with screen burn in issue.The put price on high but can read my thread by clicking on below link,I would never prefer for buy this for playing pubg,otherwise its good phone for Youtube and else.

  • Red tint is there but that's the only issue with this phone. Otherwise the screen is pretty good and colors are really natural. Not like the other oversaturated displays and 120hz is just amazing!. Also the best part is the battery life. For camera we can always use gcam it improves the photos a lot. If you can handle a big phone with big frame, buy it.

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