Whatsapp fingerprint security updates

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Whatsapp fingerprint security is not working in 6Z


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    For me it works in my main Whatsapp but not in the TwinApps version. Is is the TwinApped version for you as well?

    I will feedback to our devs. Thanks!

  • Yes...Its a Twin App Version... But in the primary ( Main ) whats app also the function is not working....

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    Can you fix that the WhatsApp in the TwinApps version images are not displayed in the gallery?

  • ok... I'll check with our devs

    in the TwinApp version, have you enabled Media visibility in settings -> chats?

    I believe you will find your whatsapp albums under "other albums" in ASUS gallery

  • No..it's show in albums only....

  • I want the images to be hidden as in the normal version, but although it is correctly configured, the images are shown.

  • @Anders_ASUS After updating, the same problem follows. I have verified that the folder has the file ".nomedia" but the images are shown in the gallery. Is there a problem with the Twin App folder and the gallery?

  • I just got the reply that it's not a bug that the TwinApp version of WhatsApp doesn't work with our fingerprint. It has never worked and never will because of a limitation in our software.

    To solve your media issue, I need to know for sure if you have Media visibility enabled or not.

    I also need to know if you're only searching with our gallery app or if you're also using the file manager.

    Can you see images in these two folders?

    Main WhatsApp gallery is located internal storage -> WhatsApp -> Media -> WhatsApp Imagaes

    TwinApp WhatsApp gallery is located internal storage -> TwinApps -> WhatsApp -> Media -> WhatsApp Imagaes

  • The gallery problem is solved by removing those images that had been saved in a folder that did not hide images (WhatsApp Images). They are now saved in the "Private" folder and are no longer displayed.

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