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People who call me hear my voice crack

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Hi, I have the Zenfone 10 for a few weeks now. I have the same kind of problems when getting called as is reported in this Zenfone 9 thread:

I installed the ACR voice recorder to record my phone calls and those calls seem to be clean. Still everybody that I have been on the phone with tells me that my voice sounds terrible. I do not have this problem when doing calls via whatsapp. It could be a provider issue. I use Obido (former T-Mobile) in the Netherlands. However when using my previous Samsung S10 I had zero problems.

I paid 929 euro for the 16gb ram 512gb storage version and this really is a bummer because other than this issue I really like this phone.

I'm on Android 13. Security patches from the 5th of august. See my screenshot for the exact versions.