*NEW* Zenfone 6 Android 10 .73 overheating issue

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Hi, all!

I recently updated my phone to Android 10 .73 from Android 9 through Fota yesterday. Big mistake. I am so sad about the severe degrade in the camera, battery and overall performance. I hope they can fix this ASAP but I noticed another thing that I didn't notice till now.

The phone is more prone to overheating now. I knew the Asus Zenfone 6 got hot before on Android 9 but, the heat that it produces now is absolutely crazy. I barely have no apps on my phone so I know it's not because something running in the back. I also baby my phone to death so I know it's not because of damage or ANYTHING. The only thing I can suspect is the new update. Perhaps this is why the battery life became so bad? Please let me know what you guys think. Anything would help. Best regards - Branden


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