Bugs need to be fixed ASAP!!

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Hello there, i have been using asus rog phone 2 for a month now and i have noticed the following bugs. Plz fix this ASAP

1. Network problem - when one of my sim signal gets weak the entire network collapse . I mean both sim 1, sim 2 along with wifi are refreshed due to which i have to be afk for 3 second which is entirely ruining my game and its really frustrating. You can also find other users facing same issues like on this forum https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://forum.xda-developers.com/rog-phone-2/help/bug-report-rog-phone-2-restart-wifi-t3985965/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwizwpa6t5bmAhUkheYKHSu-DK0QFjABegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw3BvWLYAkc49Equ8y7ING_U&cshid=1575271508702

2. Contacts - The merge contact number and names aren't working.

3. Air trigger - The ryt air trigger still flickers (occasionally not usually) And for the left ones i have to squeeze more hard to reach level 6-7 but it doesn't cross over level 7 and with the same force applied on ryt trigger it reaches level 10, Both airtrigger needs to be balanced in terms of force applied and flickering issue needs to be solved asap, for some users left trigger seems to be flickering.

4. SMS - Am using default sms app yet i dont receive any notifications when msgs arrives, but when i check inbox, the msg is received but i am not at all notified in notification panel neither do i get a hint that msg has arrived.

5. Vibrations - Well this doesn't sound like a problem for everyone but its my personal request. Has anyone noticed that when u received new phone and when u opened up app menu and scrolled down as fast as u can and the slider on ryt column hit the end line, the phone used to vibrate? I liked that feedback of vibrations but i see no more like it dissappeared on its own after 2 - 3 days. I liked playing with it tho :p. I would be happy if u work on it as well.

6. Notifications - for some apps i receive notification, but for other apps i dont receive any, like for an example google pay, i don't receive notifications in panel when someone sends me money.

7. Viper4android - could u plz add this? I like the speakers of these phones but i bet it would sound even better with Viper4android tweaks, we can enhance bass and etc, tho this is also my personal request. (i dont wanna root my phone just to get this on my device)

8. Fingerprint sensor - would you make it lil faster and more accurate in detection, bcuz i get twice or thrice the mismatch error per day(my hands are clean and i added fingerprint of both thumbs bcuz if ryt thumb doesn't work i open it with left) but its annoying :(

9. Cpu throttling - this guy has already posted query regarding this issue so i don't have to mention anything https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/13675/cpu-throttling-lag-on-games#latest

10. Armoury Crate - you have given us an option to manage cpu for each game, i tried setting performance to advanced and cpu to 2.42ghz, later i tried to reduce cpu to the lowest and when i launched the game and opened up game genie from left side, it still showed me cpu using 2.42ghz (i tried this on clash royale game btw)

Battery Status - battery status shows unknown, before it used to show time remaining.

And thats it, so far i noticed in this month

I have mentioned everything i could find out so u can work on it and provide us the best you can, thank you. :)



  • i have same flicker triger with the left trigger

  • For network i disable one sim and fi

  • umm @Anders_ASUS or @LP_ASUS please respond.

  • air triggers must be improved, and also vibration of air triggers should have an option to disable cuz it's too annoying for some users. I gave up to use air triggers just because of that and using third-party physical triggers instead.

  • Mods are not even responding, i only bought this phone bcuz i liked its airtriggers and it has 4 wifi chips, tho wifi drivers also needs optimization, i have 20 mbps wifi, sometimes phone receives only 5-10mbps speed and when i restart phone and check again, then it gives me 20 mbps download speed.(my wifi doesn't suck) This issue is also occasionally not frequently tho, but still am unsatisfied.

    Now that i know software sucks, am waiting for stable custom rom on xda to release, peace ?✌️

    If asus really wants to compete with other flagships then they should better improve their softwares or else Republic of Gamer will be a joke one day

  • I figured out the supossed network reset issue, it seems the phone keeps switching back and forth between 2.4g and 5g signal when it detects them, only solution is to set the wireless router to one signal output only, so if you have all 5g capable devices then disable the 2.4g signal or vice versa. Been having the disconnect issue for ages, now there's no more disconnections.

    With regards to the sms notification led, checking carefully you will see the led light up upon recieving SMS, but it just won't flash constantly. Proper bugged yes.

  • About sms notification ,in my case it wont light up neither i get notified about msges. but msg do arrive in inbox like a ghost.

    and about network fix ,thx but how come other phones are not affected and this phone is affected by switches?

    also another thing i want to know is , how are your airtriggers? does it flicker for you or not?

    and about the armoury crate i mentioned ,did u try that?

  • thanks for the network issue fix ,but why arent other phones affected by network switches?

    about sms in my case ,i wont get notified neither my led light up or blink, but the msg do appear in inbox like a ghost

    and in your case does your airtrigger flicker ? is the applied force level balanced? or its just hardware issue on my phone

    also about the armoury crate thing i mentioned does it happen with u?

  • Playstore auto-updates over wifi doesn't work even though enabled

  • Bro i get the complete 100mbps and sometimes 98 and not below that the speed depends on your router isp and your background apps data usage? check that first

  • did u do the speed test or are you saying that ur actual download speed is 100mbps?

    1. Sounds like a modem crash. We will have to log your phone to find out why this happens to you.
    2. In what way can you not merge contacts? What message do you see, or don't see? Tell me more
    3. The sensitivity slider is there not only because people prefer different pressure but also because there might be slight difference between sensors. It's worth knowing that the amount of skin contact also make a difference. We're still perfecting this technology and it will get better with time. Real buttons would have been the easy and preferred solution if it wasn't because no one wants a phone covered in buttons.
    4. Maybe you have the notification behaviour of messages set to "Show silently and minimize"?
    5. I will check with our devs if it was removed or if it just disappeared
    6. You don't get the notification even if the app is open? You may have the wrong setting in Auto-start manager. You could try toggle the app in Optiflex. Or it could be that you have the wrong notification setting for Google Pay. Just long press the app, enter app -> notifications -> press google pay and make sure it's set to make sound. You can even activate vibration under Advanced
    7. I doubt this software could make it sound better than the optimizations we've already made but it would be fun to test.
    8. We're aware that there has been some issue with the speed and accuracy. One issue is already fixed and another one will be fixed in future FOTA. Don't worry, it will be back to normal soon.
    9. I have now explained why this is happening in that thread. Nothing is wrong.
    10. This is a bug which we have already found and it will be fixed in future FOTA
    11. Battery only shows unknown when fully charged. It should update after a little while
    1. About the network, i found temporary fix mentioned by @sewjesan
    2. The merge contacts with same no. isnt working also their is another option for merging duplicate contact names which is also not working either.
    3. I hope it gets fixed sooner as it must be your highest priority, i personally dont care about android 10 or future android updates, all i want is a stable bugless rom and i guess not only me but other users like me also wishes the same.
    4. I have checked my notifications and everything is set correctly. Its a bug, yesterday i received update for message app on playstore and it got fixed. Am not sure if it fixed it permanently or just for temporary.
    5. did u get any word from devs about this?
    6. So it seems like i have to allow every app from autostart manager to start on boot to get me notified? and for google pay in notification>>set to make sound is already turned on by default, still i dont receive any notifications. Optiflex has limitations on number of apps that can be added.
    7. Viper4Android is best FX i have ever seen , You can notice the changes in audio if u use headphones. Although the optimizations you have made for speakers are good enough but there are not much customization options like its available on viper4android.

    And now there are other issues i would like to report

    1. Recent apps - When i open few apps and keep them in bg and then press clear all button to clear recent apps, the apps seems to be cleared but when i again press recent app button i see them again in bg . i have to close each app seperately to make them dissappear from recent.
    2. bluetooth - when i disconnect my bluetooth headphone after use by turning off the bluetooth of my phone (bluetooth of my headphones are still on) the phone automatically turns on bluetooth and again connects to my headphones? This happens only once . if i again follow same procedure at that same time , nothing happens and everything is normal. After few while if i do this again i get same issue.
    3. Wifi - Occasional issue , i get weak network and seriously its not my router problem .I have compared it with my frds redmi note 7pro. he receives speed twice as me. i.e he gets download speed of 20mbps wheareas mine is between 9-10mbps. Rog 2 has got 4 antennas plz optimize this. And again this issue is occuring occasionally only. But when i restart my phone it gets fixed.
    4. Airtrigger vibration - now while fixing that wifi issue i noticed another issue and its haptic feedback of airtriggers. After each restart the intensity of vibration is changed . i get a feeling like there are 2 copies of OS and each copy is switched during restart where 1 copy has weak intensity and another copy has high intensity of haptic feedback for airtriggers. Also I have noticed the IMPORTANT thing that after the restart the flickering issue is minimum when the haptic feedback is high and after another restart where the haptic feedback is low the flickering issue is high.

    And thats it. Please Look into this serious issue. This are the basic and daily usage issues.

  • Bugs found:

    1. Same problem as the right air trigger,
    2. If wired headphone and bluetooth headphone both are connected, FM Radio app does not show option to play audio through bluetooth headphone.
    1. It's better if we find a permanent solution. I hope you can help us if I give you a log tool via PM.
    2. A video and log file would be awesome
    3. It's not perfect but we have already fixed all known issues. It could be that there's something wrong with your device maybe? It shouldn't flicker.
    4. So it's working? Not working? I will need a log file if it's still not working.
    5. still no word
    6. Please experiment some more. If the answer is not there, then you need to reset your device but I'm fairly certain that the issue lays with these settings.
    7. I will keep this app in mind

    My reply to your other issues and this might sound like a broken record but

    1. I need a log
    2. I need a log
    3. I need a log
    4. I need a log
  • The FM radio doesn't have this option because it's in the system audio settings. If you had connected your BT headphones after you connect the 3.5mm headset, then it would have worked because Android sends audio to the last connected audio output. To switch output, press volume up or down, press the cog icon, "Play media to" and switch to your bt headphones

  • Internet Connectivity Issue : For some reason there are network connectivity issues, be that Mobile Data or WiFi.. The phone takes a while to load a page or connect to game.. This isn't the issue with my OnePlus 5 which is also connected on the same WiFi network..

    PUBG Mobile Stops Responding : Ever since I have received the phone, I've been playing PUBG Mobile and the game stops responding all of a sudden while playing. This shouldn't be happening and isn't expected at all. I also reported this issue when the app stops responding and gives 3 Options - Close App, Wait for the App to respond, Report this Issue. This has never happened with any other phone of mine before, and I need this to be fixed.

  • Cos Ur one plus 5 isn't dual band WiFi, that's the issue, currently a bug with the WiFi on this phone constantly switching between the 2 bands which is causing the network resets. The only permanent fix is a new future update when Asus figures out the exact issue.

  • That last issue with PUGB could be a server issue. This last month, there has been a lot of general issues with Tencents servers. So similar reports can be found for COD as well

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