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Dear Asus, I praised the battery before, but I have to say that after upgrading to android 10 it discharges very quickly. 1% in 5 minutes on average, it disappoints me very much because I bought a phone for a large battery. I feel poor vibrations but the battery needs to be improved. Will there be any update that will fix this? Please answer me, best regards


  • someone will answer

  • This is after a factory reset? If not, I assume that would be the first recommendation. It's annoying, I know. I did it.

  • I'm not buying a phone and setting the application configuration to keep restoring factory settings, that's why it makes no sense, when you buy tv, you also reset it every time something is wrong?

  • Nobody forces you to do a factory reset after every update, but after a major update, it's a recommended practice on Android. If you don't have problems, you don't have to do it, if you get into trouble it's the first advice you get, because no one but you know what you've changed on your phone.

    I've been using my ZF6 for over five months, making the first and last factory reset before the initial configuration in June. So far I have not encountered any problems that would force me into a factory reset.

    It varies from user to user. For example, I use Nova launcher and original Google applications like Phone, Contacts, Calculator, Photos, someone else can do with built-in Asus clones of these applications including Asus launcher. Although these applications have some cool features, some functions, on the other hand, are missing and, above all, are not as well tuned.

  • no reset to factory settings helped, just got rid of the configuration, the problem with the battery is still, Asus Anders can you do something about it? This is a serious problem

  • I can't relate this in any way, my battery is insanely good, i use the 6z throughout almost the entire day and before night i have about 30% left and i have never ran out of battery yet... You should play a little in the settings, use dark mode even though its an lcd screen, turn off functions you dont use and check what apps uses the most power. If there is no way of improving you should contact asus and get it repaired or get a new phone...

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    one day - you are kidding, 5000 mAh battery should work for at least two days, one day old Asus two works for me

  • Try to install the update one more time (from the microsd card) from recovery mode: Volume+ Power

    It helped me with draining the battery.

    I hate factory reset ?

  • Try to install the update one more time (from the microsd card) from recovery mode: Volume+ Power

    Do you really need to install it from a micro SD card?

  • it seems to me that Asus should improve, however, the appropriate update

  • Probably success sukces after the last update the battery has improved again ? two days and there is 50% ? so it may already be

  • This is exactly the case even after Android 10 .73 update. I know this because with Android 9 which I had a few days ago, every morning I use to leave to school with a 100% charge and at the end my 1st period class... I would have 95%. It was consistent and I always had 95% after 1st period every day. Now after updating to Android 10 .73, I have 88% after 1st period everyday. It's significantly worse. My phone is only about 5 weeks old and I baby the thing to death. I also only have like 5 apps that I downloaded from the play store which is like pubg and etc so I know it's not something running in the back. Asus please fix

  • almost four days, everything was cool, but most of the time the phone was unused, I bought a phone for decoration because I'm afraid to use so as not to see how fast the battery is flying. The most important thing for the creators of the phone is: 1 - battery optimization, 2 - photo improvement because it drastically reduced the quality, 3-stronger vibration, 4-finger unlock improvement because it is slower and sometimes does not work at all, the rest are smaller disadvantages with which you can live. The battery is the biggest problem and this is unacceptable

  • Today morning my phone didn't charge at all, it bearly charged 1% in 10 mins, I tried plugging it in different sockets. Last night I reset my phone, and that's it I remember what I did lastly to my phone. But now it charges normally how it used to be. I'm not sure whether it's software or hardware issue.

    1. I thought you said that battery was back to normal? In our internal testing, the battery life is about the same with the latest FW as previously.
    2. I wouldn't say camera performance has drastically reduced. It behaves differently and we're currently discussing this since a lot of users don't undertand the changes we made. In most cases when users complain, it's because they thought they took a photo with mode A but the camera actually did B because the AI thought that was the better decision. Then at the same time, there might have been som camera shake. Then the user compares with an older picture taken months earlier in the same spot, believing that there's a comparison of A VS A but it's actually A VS B with some minor camera shake. I say this because this is the conclusion that I have made after som extensive comparison with two ZenFone 6 at hand using different FW. There were so many times when I thought we had either improved or decreased our performance greatly but then I took new pictures in the same scene and they looked the same. This is conclusion is true except when it comes to HDR++ where we changed the behaviour radically when taking a photo in very bright scenes. This was intended by our camera team and not a bug. According to them, you're not supposed to use HDR++ in very bright scenes and this is where we're currently discussing because I understand that this is what the average user believe it's intended for.
    3. I'm not sure it's possible but I have asked our devs if they can tweak it in some way to make it feel more powerful
    4. this was fixed in our last update. You still think the fingerprint reader is slow?
  • Anders Asus regarding the battery is a bit better but it is not because most of the time the phone was unused and it misled me, as I use it the percentages keep flying fast, I think SOC will last 4-5 hours and this is definitely not enough, I have already understood the camera , thank you, it can stay like this, fingerprints are also ok although sometimes they can hang completely and you need to write a pin, vibrations can be improved if possible, thank you for the answer

  • I have experiencing battery draining problem after my android 10 update.. earlier my 6z used to last about 40% after heavy usage now lasts only 20%

  • Same here. before updt battery lasted 2-3 days. Now i pulled the plug of at 7.00 am and almost without usage there is 61%...

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