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How asus is providing software updates for asus 6z?

Once in every two months


Once in three months


Update will provide only when there is bug

Please tell us mr


So that We can plan further


  • I have a phone for five months and have already received 8 OTA updates including one major (from A9 to A10).

    I think that it is more than enough. I am pretty satisfied.

  • Really , i had received 3 updates only

    In first update, after updating i got motherboard problem

    In Second update andriod 10

    In third update some update regarding sound 59.9 mb

  • In first update, after updating i got motherboard problem

    I see, so your experience is very different. So sad.

  • There is no exact periodicity between updates.

    We will issue security patch updates every month or 2nd month. Bug fixes will generally be bundled together at the same time.

    How many updates you have received depends of course how early you bought the device.

  • I'm sorry I wasn't quite accurate:

    Between June 19 and November 27, I received exactly 10 updates.

  • You can include a solution at once so that after a reset use the language obtained from the SIM card and if there is no SIM to be displayed in English, I am getting tired of reading everything in Italian before I can choose the language. In 10 updates it was never fixed.

  • When you perform a factory reset on Android, the first Welcome screen lets you choose your language.

    But I can confirm that when I had Zenfone 6 on the first day in June and for the first and last time I did a factory reset, it did not automatically set the language according to the SIM card as all my previous phones did. It wasn't a pleasant welcome to my new and dream phone tbh.

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