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Even if you do not want to use the time zone and manual time, the phone changes by itself. Please resolve this.



  • Spontaneously it looks like a selected time that gets affected by DST.

    Which region in Brazil are you selecting?

    When I try to replicate, I can choose between for example;

    "Brasilia Time (GMT-03:00). No Daylight Savings time." or

    "Sao Paulo, Brasilia Time (GMT-02:00)."

    From your time vs the google one, I am assuming the manual selection you have selected a time that is DST, making it GMT-2:00 instead of choosing one that is No DST (GMT-03:00)

  • should be São Paulo, but as I said it does not matter whether or not to mark the option to be manual, it changes, as if it came other networks.

    Fato que mesmo estando manual, existe alteração de forma indevida.

  • The same happens here... If I manually select new timezone, after seconds it changes automatically to são Paulo one (that is currently wrong because it has summertime and we are not having it this year)

    And option to use timezone from network is turned off... It started to happen after last upgrade to Android 10..in 9 it was working fine for me.

  • Playing around a bit more it seems that if I don't select both options (to have clock updated from network and to have timezone updated from network) , then it stops to change my timezone automatically... But it should not be like that... Usually I was keeping the clock update by network but I was manually selecting the timezone(because of bug with Brazilian summer time)

  • Disregard it . In this situation it is also changing automatically...and both options are not selected..it should never happen

  • Ok thanks. We'll try to reproduce and look into it.

    So even with Clock + Time Zone auto update(by network) disabled - and setting it manually - system wil refresh it to something wrong after a period of time?

    Is this related to if/when you connect to Wifi? Or happens also on mobile data.

  • It changes back to wrong timezone in seconds or minutes after manually changing to a different one... I try to change to any gmt -3 timezone and it always moves back to são Paulo with wrong -2 timezone

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    It seems that now timezone provided by the network is correct, so I don't face the issue anymore here...

    Disregard...it changed again to wrong timezone

  • I noticed a similar issue when I took the phone to an area with no service. My device was convinced it was Daylight Savings time, and it was not. My companion, also on an Android device, had the correct time.

    When I re-entered an area with data, the time did not update. It solved itself when I changed time zones from Mountain, back to Pacific.

  • I should note that I went from Pacific, to Mountain, back to Pacific. I have never seen this issue happen in the Pacific timezone, even when the device loses signal.

  • I tried everything here.. it keeps going back to gmt -2 Sao Paulo (what is wrong as Sao Paulo is -3 without summertime this year) ... And it happens after I disable automatic timezones and set it to another one like gmt -3 from Argentina...

    Very bad issue that just appeared after upgrade to android 10

  • so probably issues are not the same... it was not present in android 9 for me. it seems that the issue is that even if you unselect automatic timezone from the network, it keeps changing based on it. (and right now it is a problem in most part of Brazil because Sao Paulo timezone is not correctly set. It is GMT -3 and it is set with GMT -2 , as summertime was canceled here this year)

    Basically I just wanted to be able to change to another timezone manually (what is possible), but the phone keeps changing back to my automatic timezone from the network even if this option is not checked in the phone, (And I already confirmed that other people with zenfone 6 in brazil also have this issue, so it would be nice to get it fixed)

  • no updates related to this problem?

  • Hey, I'm facing this issue too! Very disappointing! I received the phone on monday and these problems started today (Wednesday).

    I tried the same steps described here, it looks like that the Android 10 ignores the manually selected timezone, at first it's look like that was fixed when you manually select the timezone, but after lock/unlock the phone, it gets back to Sao Paulo with GMT -2...

    Please fix it ASAP!!!

  • @dnlwild I just tried now to use the timezone from the network and it got the correct one now (I'm in Sao Paulo state)... maybe you can try it and see if it works for you too - my network operator is VIVO)

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    UPDATE: now the bug is even weirder. If I keep automatic timezone it gets the correct one GMT-3 and after some seconds if changes back to GMT -2 for some crazy reason... very sad to see it not fixed yet...

    basically, doesn't matter what I try, it always set this wrong GMT-2 automatically. (even if automatic timezone is not set)

  • Same issue here. Need to fix asap.

  • it is pretty sad that we had a big launch of zenfone 6 in brazil and now have this very basic and bad bug happening for all the users here... it would be nice to have some feedback and estimation of when we'll get a fix for it...

  • Same issue here, even disabling location from Clock, it still gets the wrong time zone :x.

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