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Locked IMEI Slot by Region

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Hello, ASUS community! I hope a tech team reaches out to this section and here I will gonna explain my situation! I've bought a used ZenFone Zoom (Z00XS also referred ZX551ML) and it's a smartphone from the EU(European Union) and I don't know which country has this phone in stock. As the phone is a European version and has the certificate of EU, besides Anatel(I am based in Brazil), consequently IMEI slots are locked to use and this let me impossible to use WhatsApp on my proper number, and I try to use international numbers by some apps in Google Play and no success too. I know Asus have a little power to solve it, but I believe in the mark and I appreciate the efforts to be a innovative and pioneer company! 



Since this model has been sold for a while, we no longer provide maintenance for it.
Regarding the issue of your IMEI being locked, in my understanding, this is not normal.
I recommend contacting the personnel or retailer from whom you purchased the device to report this issue.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
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