broken servicetracker hal

mosimchahmosimchah Level 2
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this keeps looping in the log on the official android 10 release

11-05 23:36:26.153  589  589 I hwservicemanager: getTransport: Cannot find entry [email protected]::IServicetracker/default in either framework or device manifest.

this should not be happening on an official release, there shouldn't be broken hals, also why are you guys using 1.0? 1.1 is the latest

1.0 is for pie, 1.1 is for 10

I hope pie hals aren't being used instead of the proper hals for android 10


  • mosimchahmosimchah Level 2
    edited November 2019

    servicetracker is still broken on the new update by the way, same error (WW_17.1810.1910.68)

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