Location not working without wifi on

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Using Rog 2 Indian Unit 8+128... As I have noticied, the device couldn't get the location even when the location services turned on.. It works only when the WiFi is turned on.. Though am connected to mobile data..

Here am showing u this with swiggy app... This is the case with all the apps..

In pic 1 where the WiFi is Turned off.. Even though the location service and mobile data turned on.. It forces me to turn on the wifi for getting the location..

In pic 2 where the wifi is turned on... It shows my location only when the WiFi is turned on.. (though am not connected to any wifi) why it doesn't use the mobile data and GPS it get my location.. Y it asks for WiFi...

I cross checked with my Samsung S10 this is not the case in it... The device can get my location even without turning in wifi.. Just with GPS and mobile data itself....

Is anyone facing the same issue??

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