Battery drain

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I have noticed that after the latest FOTA update in India, which I received yesterday, the battery is draining rapidly


  • Can you share battery stats screenshot? Do you think we should wait instead of updating right away?

  • I think the battery drainage is more after the update. I am having a very strong feeling that after the update on 23rd I am getting very less SOT

  • May be it could be helpful if you share your battery stats screenshot. To know what has been draining the battery

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    I'm not saying you're wrong. Only that others have said the same thing with basically every update we have released and well, you noticed it first now so that makes them wrong. Maybe we should evaluate a little more before we make these statements?

    Please have a look at your apps. Make sure to deny auto restart to every newly installed app and apps that you don't trust. It's also not unthinkable that an upp updated itself during the same time frame without you noticing and now all the blame goes to the FOTA.

    You can deny apps in power master and then auto-start manager. Also make sure you kill all apps after you have done this or it won't have any effect.

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