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Experiencing some issue with my right air trigger. Button press is sometimes unresponsive and intermittent. Notice it after the latest firmware update. Sometimes the button press would "flicker" when I'm holding it down. Want to know if it's a software bug or hardware issue. Hopefully someone can enlighten me.



  • Hi,

    I am having the same issue

  • Hi,

    As much as it sucks, if there's more people in the same boat as us, it is more likely to be a software bug. Which is what I'm hoping. Really don't want to go through the process to return the phone. Barely used it for a few days.

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    I have the same issue right air trigger hang and Are unresponsive

  • This is only after the latest update? If you reboot the phone does the right Air Trigger still hang like that?

  • Yes, it starts happening after the latest update. I have restarted numerous times, but the issue persists. I have my right trigger mapped to shoot in COD mobile, and I can hardly fire with it when it acts up. The left trigger works perfectly fine.

  • I guess the regression testing was not done properly for new changes.

  • Hi, I would like to add another observation. Everytime I restarted the phone, the haptic vibration strength from pressing the air triggers would change. The haptic feedback can be quite strong, but immediately after I restart, the haptic strength can become really weak. I don't see any settings for this, and it only changes upon rebooting my phone.

  • Have you noticed when it gets stronger again? Or does it go back to normal when you restart once more?

  • It can go either way, from what I observed. Sometimes it is almost as strong as the vibration when I tap home button on the touch screen, while at it's weakest, the haptics is not very noticeable. I can't really tell, it seems quite random and only changes upon a reboot.

  • Do you have enable the "finger resting" option? Because that happened to me when it was enabled but now I disabled it and works perfectly.

  • I have those disabled. My force to actuate are set at 3.

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    Having same issue. Totally can't play properly using right trigger now and very frustrating. Initially thought was my finger print issue or dirty sensor. Then test with my finger resting on the trigger and is already intermittent. Rest the finger and slide along the edges is even worst. Left trigger pass all these simple self tests with no issue.

    Finger resting off and sensitivity set to 1 since day 1 (Tencent edition). Pls solve this asap!

  • Yeah, I was worried I'm the only one experiencing this, that would mean my phone is faulty.

    If I am to speculate, from a user's perspective, the software is probably having problem juggling the tasks that the R trigger needs to handle, being R trigger in game, and being used for long/short squeeze shortcut outside of game. L Trigger doesn't have this issue for me, I think that's because it is only used for gaming.

    I find it unlikely for the trigger sensor to be faulty because it's a non moving part, and coming from ROG1, I never had any issues with air triggers on that.

  • I have the same force set and it works perfectly for me, so sorry if yours is faulty

  • also happened to me after last update ( 1908.21 )

    It happend to me on left trigres..because i set it to fire on feels hard to play because it randomly not trigered if i hold this left airtriger..and vibration change randomly after i reboot this phone..

    Pls fix this asap..

    It fines on the fimrware before 1908.21

  • I just tried a factory reset on my phone. Didn't fix the problem. But when I redownloaded some games and boot them up, I noticed that without air trigger enabled in game, pressing R trigger would trigger long squeeze for X mode while in game. Not sure if this is intended.

  • I am glad I found this thread. I have the same exact issue of right trigger flickering during COD Mobile. It started right after the last update. Your OTA updates add new bugs than patching old ones. The frequent software issues and bugs will certainly plague your sales. The red tint issue, bluetooth showing disconnected after turning off smart watches for calls, weird string when you search "About" in settings. This is the worst purchase decision I made.

  • Same problem here, right trigger Is not working properly, left One Is perfect. Hope Asus Will solve this soon, this Is getting me really sad..

  • Yes, I got problems After last update, right trigger Is unresponsive and I'm unable to use It properly. Please I know you Will GET nothing helping US, but getting problems on a 20days phone Is sad..

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