ROG 2 - Is there any safety regarding water splash

So considering the big vent on the backside of Rog 2 , will the device survive if the water gets inside through the vent ? Is there any safe mechanism Asus did to prevent such ?


  • No, it won't survive. You can see the teardown video from JerryRigsEverything

  • We do not recommend using ROG Phone II during a water fight. It would probably survive some minor splash but there's no guarantee. Minor rain shouldn't be a problem but if the water indicators inside are colored when we open it up, then the warranty is voided.

  • With the vent in the back being open to the internals, what level of ambient humidity would become "unsafe" (either for the water indicators, or the phone itself)...?

  • Humidity will always find its way in regardless unless the phone has a high IP rating like IP67. It's more a question of how long it's exposed to extreme humidity. I do not have any numbers on what it can and cannot handle. What I also do not have is a lot of users in this forum that has managed to damage their phone due to humidity. As long as you care about your phone, it will be safe.

  • He dunk the phone in water for 2 mins and it still work (6:45). Should you do it? NO. But if acidental drop in water or splashed then there's a good change phone can be save. Turn the phone off the put it in dry eviroment. Even my s8+ with IP rating suffered mosture damaged and it was out of warranty so for me there's no phone is safe to use in high humid environment for a long period of time, especially charging does speed up the corrosion. Cheer.

  • OPCOPC Level 3

    Good news duy! Not being IP rated was a compromise I was willing to take. It's even better it survives.

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