Video calling provision is off

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No video call option in dialler. I've checked in system setting where VIDEO PROVISION IS OFF. All other brands are giving this feature. Asus help me out


  • This feature needs extensive testing before it can be enabled or customer complaints will rain down upon us from all directions. We only enable supported functions and currently Video calling isn't supported. This might change in the future but not now.

  • But we can see, all other top brands are supporting this feature. I've put my money on Rog phone 2, but this feature is not there ,, we can't rely on internet everytime for video calling, VOLTE dual sim and no native video call provision is really sad. Plz get this enabled next update .. trusting Asus for last time and don't disappoint the customers..

  • I wish I had VoLTE and WIFI calling provisioned. Can we enable at our own risk? Can you guys help us enable at our own risk? If we unlock bootloader, root.

    There has to be a way.

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    I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if you could enable it by following one of the many guide that you can find via google

  • This option of volte is greyed out for me. Does it mean that i have a faulty device ?

  • No native video call support ?

    Other major brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus have it since many years... please add it

  • I agree that half cooked feature may alienate consumers. But work on it. Try to make it usable asap. In India since Jio native video calling option has become very important. I believe your lower priced devices (max pro m1 and m2) has this feature. Most of Volte devices in India (redmi etc) has it.

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    No the regular guides won't work, I have tried them. But if you went on to XDA forums, those guys are close to cracking open the pandora's box.

    Which is also a big problem because to gain access to the system files you are required to root the device. I don't think ASUS would want people to be playing around with the scripts and codes inside the system. You guys are already having a PR nightmare with many customers getting their hands on the Tencent edition of the ROG phone.

    I am sure many will want to give it a shot if someone has successfully enabled it...and I am sure there will be many who will get their devices bricked especially if they are not sure about what they are doing. You will have a even bigger problem then.

  • even the JIO PHONE has this feature.

    Now think Asus what a shame this is for customers as well as your company.

  • I really miss network video call on my Jio.

    Had it on K20 Pro...

  • I can't understand why these basic features are not available on a flagship.

  • I can't use video calling using SIM card in ROG Phone-3. This is really upsetting. This basic feature is available in android phones which come at 1/10th the cost of ROG Phone-3

  • Hello,


    I'm having this doubt, are you talking about having a video call from your default dialer, if yes let me tell you video-over-LTE is possible on rog phone 2 and i had done video calls with the same. Here's few things which u might need.

    1. I'm using JIO sim, don't know this might work with other networks as well but on JIO is works fine.

    2. The person you dialing and yourself should have google dialer installed.

    3. I have tried video calling from JIO to JIO and it worked perfectly fine, and i could make it effortlessly.

    @Anders_ASUS if s/he talking about video-over-LTE then it's possible if you have met the above conditions.

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