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How to turn off vibration of air triggers?


  • Still vibrating

  • It's currently not possible so I must ask, why do you want to turn it off?

  • I personally don't like vibration for all the games. Also, be to avoid battery consumption and to increase life of vibration motor.

  • I have passed your suggestion to the developers. Thank you for your feedback!

  • Thank you. Let us know once you get more details about the update.

  • Please add vibration off option for airtriggers earliest

  • same, it should have an option to turn it off. it's quite distractive when playing.

    thank yoy

  • Yes vibration feels weird... I want it off

  • I also don't like the vibration at all. Hope the new update set the off switch up.

    I don't know the feed back system works in Asus company but I hope they consider the costumers feedback specially when it comes to gaming products

  • Please asus add an option to disable vibration in air triggers.

    It's very annoying. We don't need haptics while playing.

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    In Asphalt 9 there is the option inside the game to turn off vibration. Those vibrations happen when the car hits an obstacle or scratches the wall etc. The whole phone vibrates including the area of air triggers. With fingers resting on triggers this is annoying. When there are no vibrations (even with vibration mode turned on), there is just a positive click when pressing triggers.

  • I bought asus rog phone yesterday. But I didn't know about behaviour of air triggers. It always vibrates. Could you release new software update and provide ability to disable vibration for air triggers? Is it possible? It is really annoying thing. I want to disable this for some games. It should be considered when the phone was designed. I am developer also.

  • We have flagged this suggestion for our developers, but I can do it again.

  • Yes vibrations are really annoying and buttons doesn't feel like touch buttons.

  • akhilj66akhilj66 Level 3
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    I like vibrations, can I up the intensity of vibration, would be really nice, it would be like my xbox controller.

  • vibrations kills me , annoying , and Air triggers on the first version was better

  • Carlo GCarlo G Level 2

    Yes please! Have an option to turn off vibration for air triggers. And also the color blue and red circle shows when you hit the air triggers. It's very annoying , the hint line at the top of the screen( bottom of the air trigger) is enough hint for us to know of it triggers the air trigger. :)

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