Regarding motherboard change issue in asus service center

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Previous month i also suffered from the same problem of phone restarting so i gone to the asus service center to change the motherboard but there they said that they already got 4 phones which are given for repair(same restart issue). they also said that they didn't received the parts to change the motherboard for those phones itself. so,they asked me to wait for 1 month and when they receive the parts they said that they will call me. But now it's already passed one month but i didn't received the call yet from the service center.

Please look to that all the services centers in the world are receiving the parts as soon as possible. I am from India and i live in Coimbatore,here there is only one service center and it is far away from the place where i live so,please look into it and reply me@Anders_ASUS@Laura_ASUS@Kris

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