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I'm able to use my North America (12GB / 512GB) RoG II with multiple bluetooth headphones, but when I connect to cars (I've tried a Jetta and a Pathfinder) I often repeately get " keeps stopping" and can't maintain a connection.

I don't think there's anything wrong with the bluetooth radio since it works fine with headphones, rather this problem is likely software-related.

Anyone else getting this?



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    You got the latest fota ?(the one with custom mapping for air triggers)

    Maybe wait for it ?

    If it's a SW issue it'll probably be solved

  • What firmware are you on? I can report this to the software team. Just to be thorough, what are the model years on your Pathfinder and Jetta?

  • Sorry @Averan I quoted the wrong post. ;)

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    US / NA device, not rooted, stock WW rom version PKQ1.190414.001.WW_Phone.16.0631.1908.12

    2018 VW Jetta, 2016 Nissan Pathfinder

    Not sure if it's related but on the Pathfinder I also get "Pathfinder wants to access messages [yes / no]" over and over when it crashes / restarts bluetooth

  • Thank you. I'll send this along.

    That second bit sounds like some kind of permissions clash. Could be very relevant to dropping connection.

  • @Sniper Fox can you please try and reset your bluetooth by going to settings -> apps & notifications -> see all xxx apps -> tap the three dots menu in top right corner and then show system -> scroll down to bluetooth and tap it -> storage & memory -> clear storage

    Might work, maybe not

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    I am getting this same issue. Clearing the Storage/Cache for the Bluetooth service doesn't fix my issue.

    I use Android Auto as well.. and it isn't functional now because of this issue. I tried removing the devices on my cars system and did a System Reset.

    My car is a 2017 Ford Escape Titanium if that helps at all.

  • Thank you for the input Volodesi, I'll update the devs. Were you using a wired connection with Android Auto, or over Bluetooth? Or did you lose access to Android Auto after pairing with your car using Bluetooth?

  • It appears to use both. It seems to use Bluetooth for the audio and the USB to Display Android Auto on my cars dashboard.

  • Clearing storage / cache also didn't help mine. It's strange because sometimes I can get in the vehicle and bluetooth will connect up first time and work the entire drive, and other times I'll get the bluetooth crash loop.

  • @Sniper Fox @Volodesi The software team is requesting a log of your phones to try and diagnose this issue. Please reply in this thread if you would be willing to provide a log for us.

  • I'm also willing. Tell me what to do.

  • Hi all, the software team just let me know this has been fixed and is included in the next FOTA update.

  • Yeah even i faced it connects soon but later on contact sharing when device is locked it won't share all and if the phone made a built in music player with cdla support and cool look like musicana or letv music player which supports cdla mode then it would be awesome i guess

  • Help! Bluetooth disconnects in less than a minute from car audio system, Ford Figo 2013 model. It worked well from past 4 months, all of a sudden started facing this issue. Mentioning few troubleshooting steps I did, can't remember all though:

    1. Reset the car audio system by unplugging the car battery. Also, works with many phones apart from ROG II

    2. Clear Cache from storage for all Bluetooth related stuff

    3. Tried all the settings under developer option

    4. Rebooted in safe mode and tried connecting and also ran the blutooth harware test through calc ".12345+=" Noticed 50% of the times it fails

    5. Connects with Bluetooth headset, speakers etc no issues.

    6. Reset all network connection and all apps permission settings

    7. Deleted and re-pair several times. I do recive an notification while pairing, "Bluetooth: Re-pair from peer to enable it." Peer supports advanced feature. We cannnot do as this notification says.

    8. All Bluetooth related has been set to Not Optimised in Battery Care. Also it's set to Balance.

    9. Kept screen to awake always

    10. Uninstalled all apps that's related to audio or telephone permission except for Google apps.

    Please help! I travel in car for 4 hrs a day and need this to work please.

  • Can you delete the profile from within the car? Did you receive a firmware update recently?

    What else about your setup changed recently that was not the same as the previous 4 months?

  • Thanks for your response!

    Q: Can you delete the profile from within the car?

    A: Yes, I did delete and aslo reset the the car audio system by unplugging the car Battery terminal.

    Q: Did you receive a firmware update recently?

    A: I do remember updating but not sure exactly when. Attached screenshot of the blutooth version and software versions

    Q: What else about your setup changed recently that was not the same as the previous 4 months?

    A: I have been thinking the same but can't figure out. Reset all apps and all network connections. Uninstall all apps except for Google apps and few apps that don't use blutooth or audio

    Latest Update: Today, on the onward travel, I had no issues at all. But in the return travel, back to the issue

    Tried restarting the phone, switched off the car engine and restarted so the car audio would restart.. but no luck. At the same time, my other phone worked without any issues.

    Please help!

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    Thank you for the thorough answers. I sent you a PM, we will need to log your phone for this.

  • Thanks! Appreciate it! The issue resolved before collecting the log file. Following steps fixed the issue:

    1. Both the phone and car audio system needs to be paired

    2. Delete profile in the car audio system, but do not delete or unpair from phone

    3. Make multiple attempt from the car to pair, be very patient. The car systems will eventually ask for the passcode. Once profile is paired, you are done.

    This idea came through the enclosed error message: "Bluetooth: Re-pair from peer to enable it."

    Thank God! It's fixed, now can travel long hours with ease :)

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