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List of disastrous failures by ASUS Zenfone development team in latest update

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ZF Model: ZB570TL
Firmware/APP Version: Oreo 8.1
Frequency of Occurrence: Daily
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Let's create a mega-thread of the catastrophic errors and failures that the ASUS Zenfone development team (I assume there are 1 or 2 people who have no idea what they are doing ruining our day to day lives with these updates) produced in their latest update. Let me give a few:
  • Facebook app - reactions do not work. Buttons display as funny shapes. Laggy, buggy and unusable. This is NOT a Facebook problem as until the update I did yesterday, I never had these problems. The Facebook app is up to date, I have restarted phone.
  • Battery draining very fast even on standby
Plus there are the previous problems which ASUS could not be bothered to fix because I guess ASUS do not care about their customers and enjoy getting negative reviews on here, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, technology forums, technology review websites etc. Selena, why don't you just resign and work for a proper company? OR, give me the contact details of your boss or supervisor. Your turn guys, what issues are you experiencing?

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Until the last update, the problems were minimal. After it, it only got worse, the phone lags a lot. All the problems described here:

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Last edited by almedaangelo on 2019/5/24 18:57 Asus really needs some serious damage to their reputation... Seems that they are the one needs to be banned by other countries instead of huawei... Because this bugs should not cause issues as big as this... It seems the phone is doing something else like spying on people especially if you are connected to the internet and the phone is sending details to somewhere and it causes lags, lets be honest lags happens if phone cannot handle processes anymore... Bloatware won't cause too much process especially if you have disabled it... And the processor and ram of the phone is not that bad to lag like hell... Hope huawei can make more reliable android phones in the future once the issues thrown to them has been resolved...

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ghElz03 posted on 2019/5/24 07:55 Asus really needs some serious damage to their reputation... Seems that they are the one needs to be ...
Let's do a raid on the entire ZenTalk forum. Who knows if we can make the media look at the situation

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Hi acidreflux360 Could you please kindly let me know how often do you encounter Facebook problem? Does this problem when you conduct other apps? If you think that there’s battery draining in standby mode, please charge your phone to full before going to sleep, and leave it unused and unplugged overnight. Please capture 2 screenshots as below on the next morning before you use your phone and tell me how many percentage of power the phone has consumed overnight: 1. Battery : settings> Battery 2. History details: settings> Battery> please click the sheet have sent you a message, please kindly check it out. I would appreciate your reply. Thank you and have a nice day