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Cannot multi task.

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3.Not root
I have the 2GB/16GB version of zb555kl. The problem was it cannot do multitask, every time i put any app in bacground/minimize, it somehow got killed by the system.
Eg: if i browsing a page using chrome, minimize that and hit file explorer and come back to chrome, the page will be refresh, and if i entering detail on a form on a web, those form will be need to refill again.
This become frustraiting


sorry for late reply.

there is no other app running in background, exept default .

Even if one (1) app running, eg; file viewer, than if i continued to tap home key to laucher, tap the multitask icon and hit the app run earlier, it will relaunch as if it been exit or killed.

But most default app (preinstalled) can be multitask.

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Because it's not sure whether the installed app is opened in the background and occupies memory.
Could you provide a screenshot of the memory?
You can turn on the developer options to confirm.
[ZenFone/Pad] How to enable/disable Or maybe it is recommended to try to restore the system to reconfirm whether the problem is improved.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.