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VOFI Call & Call recorder feature on Max pro M2

Hi, I created this id just to know when will Asus enable wificalling for airtel sime for max pro m2. i had purchased m2pro a year back. Inside my house, Airtel signal is best yet weak to make receive call. These days, even i am not receiving calls if i have the phone in my living room. When i contacted Airtel, they says, they have enabled wifi calling from there end and it is upto the phone manufacturer to enable i. Asus is taking so much time to enable this. I dont even need Android 10, atleast this wificalling feature if they can send it as a patch will be of great help.
Also, as now due to pandemic, work from home is a new normal, call recorder feature haa become a common requirement.
Since my phone is just a year old and im happy with other features, can Asus brong in these 2 features as soon as possible. Asus market share has almost vanished in India. Can they bring back customer's trust by releasing these 2 features as a gesture.

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Hi there, we have made a note of the feedback and will share it with the relevant team.

Team, any update pls?

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@Christine_ASUS @Anders Why is it that Google is not enabling call recording in Asus Max series devices ? Please ask your devs to talk with google phones team.

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Hi there, we have made a note of the feedback and will share it with the relevant team.

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I having the exact same issue for airtel and idea sim. Even if signal is full, I don't receive calls. making a call from this device becoming worse nightmare for me. Dont say to visit service center, I had already visited and they installed software again, but issue still persists.