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Regarding Android 10 Stable Update

Rising Star II
Hi Team, can you all please revealed any information regarding Android 10 Stable Update for Asus Max Pro M1 device , because we are waiting from past 8 to 9 months still we are not getting any updates regarding bugs fixes on our devices, please say something on this topic and revealed some news about Android 10 Stable Update for these devices ....

Star III
They don't want to make any overhyped news by announcing updates on Beta Android 10 that can sell as YouTube content material an print out pennies w/ adsense and it too can lead to public disappointment if the next update patch is ended up as a mess

In the long time waiting all these years users' end, we can just pray for their success on making A10 run as smooth asit should be on this 3yrs old phone,

Or u can just support them by buying all new Asus Zenfone 8 so they can have more budget to develop stable fw on older phones😁

Rising Star II
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