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Recent app restarting in Zen Max Pro M2

Star III
All pie firmware has same issue. Selected any recent app is restarting. Asus Service centre guy confirmed that it is software problem.
Dear Asus forum moderators,
Please pass this bug to your developer. All troubleshooting have been done already.

1. Checked in safe mode
2. Clear cache in recovery mode
3. Reset factory

There was no problems on Oreo firmware. Requesting you don't push any further updates until you fix this bug issue. It's AOSP rom with minimal modification. We know it is hard to fix the bug.
Please fix this.

Star III
Hi @Christine_ASUS
Asus Zen Max Pro M2 has total two main bug.
1. Low earpiece during call
Asus developers are failed to fix this bug. It's basic phone function. But Asus developers made bug and can't solve it. We are suffering for this. We can't hear other's voice without turning on loud speaker or earphone. Please note that this is bug from Asus side. Many customers are facing the same problem and also reported.

2. Recent app restarting.
It can be solved. If your skilled developer looks the matter carefully in Indian variant (3gb and 4gb).
We don't want any security updates or any Beta Android 10 updates. Please fix the bugs.

Asus users know how efficient your developer are! Asus cracked the 3rd class record in smartphone software development. There are no customers who happy to use Asus Zen Max Pro M2 only for poor buggy software updates.
Asus developer team only knows to push Google security patch updates. Fixing bugs are out of the syllabus. Even security patch firmware makes sound cracking problem. But Asus developer team never acknowledge that it is bug.
Indian Asus service centre guy puzzles to hear same problems again and again from Asus Zen Max Pro M2.

Some of Asus Zen Max Pro M2 wants Android 10 stable updates. But I am still missing stable Android 9 updates. Asus never invest money to hire Android software developers. If Asus has. Great developer team you can't face this.
@Christine_ASUS please do something. We can share bug reports file to you and share screenshot and video and others stuff if you want to. Please do test in Indian variant. We, Asus Zen Max Pro M2 are not getting any help from ZenTalk forum. Sorry to say.