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Issues With Android 10 Update on Asus Zenfone Max pro M2 ?

Hi Team,
I have updated my device with latest Android 10 update, but im here facing issue with it.
Audio quality via headset is still low, I have also tried with different headset same issue.
Sound output the speaker is also very low, I need to keep the full volume if i need to see the any instagram post or video in Facebook, not much loud, even the ringtone volume is also kept full volume but sound output is very very low, if i play a song via speaker also sound output is low, not upto the mark, but while using on Android 9 it seems to OK fine.
Sound quality of speaker is very low, it need to fixed or improved
3 If i place a call or i'm on call, phone keeps on vibrating continuously and display turn automatically while i'm on a call, i'm not sure is there any with sensor or update, but it works fine on Android 9 update without any issues
I have downgraded my device from Androind 10 to 9 and use for an couple of months i'm not faced any issues on that, but i'm facing issue in Android 10.

Zen Master I
Hi jimeliotjebastion,
1.2. is expected to be improved through a future update.
3.Does this appear on different apps? Please tell us the apps and app versions. Could you try testing proximity in SMMI? (SMMI: Calculator--> enter .12345+= --> Single test--> Proximity test.)
Do you have a screen protector installed? Could you try removing it and check if this behavior still appears?
Thank you 🙂

Hi Team,
Thanks for your update,
3.I'm facing this issue only on during I'm on the call, when i'm on a call, sometime it keeps on vibrating , I have checked whether someone messages or I have got notification, but there are no messages and notification it just keep on vibrating.
If i double click the power button then it get stops, and after a min it repeat again.
I'm not facing this issue on other apps, only when i'm on a call by hands i'm facing this issue
I have tested the proximity sensor it's fine, And I have screen protector but on my device from the Day1 I was using Android 9, on that i was not faced this kind of issue, only when I have updated Android 10 i'm started facing this issue.

Zen Master I
Hi jimeliotjebastion,
Please check your inbox for a message I have sent you. 
Thank you🙂