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Extremely Slow charging speed after OTA .073

ZF Model: ZB631KL
Firmware/APP Version: 2017.2002.073
Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by iqbalmuzakki04 on 2020/3/24 23:54 The charging speed is really slow (it takes more than 6 hour for 20-100%). The input is around 200ma even the + icon already appear. However, the speed still normal when the phone turned off (so there's nothing wrong with hardware). The temperature always high (never below 44 C). The battery backup decrease (SOT around 5 hour). It's all starting happen after last OTA (.073), so I guess it's definitely software issue.

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yesss. same. please update for pieee

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Faced the same issue , try restarting and plug in charger , i only face sometimes and sometimes it charges rapidly by itself.
So don't worry.

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Soon after updating to the .073 version, those fixes mentioned in the changelog for .073 version were fixed but few days later I faced this damn slow charging speed issue which I fixed by doing the following :
After updating to the .073 version (or any future updates), perform Wipe partition cache operation from recovery menu once.
After rebooting once Wipe partition cache operation is done, keep using your phone till its battery charge becomes 0% and let the phone switched off.
Plugin charger and let the phone to charge in switched off condition till 100% (until the charging light glows green).
Power on the phone but DO NOT disconnect the charging cable or turn off the switch. Power on with charging on.
As soo as the Asus logo shows up, disconnect the charging cable from the phone.
Keep your phone idle for next few minutes and then keep using the phone therefore.
The above mentioned steps are called as battery calibration which had fixed my slow charging issue after updating to the .073 version. Try it and your issue should be gone.