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Star I
ZF Model: ZB602KL
Firmware/APP Version: .339 (latest from 23.1.)
Frequency of Occurrence: default
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by levisek on 2019/3/12 16:53 Hi, i have issues. 1) Duplicated contacts - i have this problem. Some contacts are duplicated (like in screenshot). On has phone number and whatsapp, second has phone number and google duo (or skype or social network). I dont made the second contacts, that made phone. Why arent joined together under one contact name? when I delete google Duo account from phone, one contact stay. But when add google duo again, the second contact appear. 2) Second call delay - when i speaking with someone and somebody another call me in same time, I hear tone from reproductor that somebody second is calling bud it has 10 sec delay before the second call show on the display. Edit: Yesterday Was update. Booth issues fixed! Thx

Zen Master I
Hi levisek, For the first feedback, I have reported to the tech team to check. I will notify you once I get any news. For the second feedback, could you kindly show us a short video of the problem appearing for us to understand the situation? Please tell me your SIM carrier, and check with SIM cards by other SIM carriers in your phone. Is this happening every time or occasionally? Are you using the preloaded calling app? Thank you.