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AsusX00TD Camera keeps stopping when entering bokeh mode on custom screen resolution (via adb cmd)

Star III
As the title said,
but before it i want to say one thing. SDM636 can't keep up(stuttering, fluctuating framerate, and sometimes crashed) with games that have no resolution downscaling feature (mostly 2d games and 3d games that have no advanced graphic settings).
So i downscaled the screen from FHD (1080×2160) to HD+(768×1536) via cmd with adb commands (adb wm size ***x****) it makes the games run much more lighter and prolonged my screen on time
I have no issue with bokeh mode on A9(Pie)
But in Android 10, where the built-in Camera got updated it's version (at a glance it just looks like Max Pro M2's Camera



I don't have issues with modded gcams on portrait mode, but using built-in Camera is still the best. Every feature except video EIS and Bokeh runs well on built-in Camera
Still. I found inability to use built-in bokeh and EIS bugs me. Yet i don't want to downgrade it to P.

Don't tell me to upscale my screen resolution back to FHD again. As it is a torture

Rising Star II
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