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Android 10 development

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I think is Asus have taken this long to develop Android 10 for Max Pro M1 it should take little longer and develop it properly. I have used ROMs and Stock 424 too there is too difference between both.
Asus's 424 update was like just another flaw from Asus. Call recording option is not working from about phone was launched. 5000 mAh mamoth battery but lasts for half day.
Asus team should work well in this department I guess.
Problems in 424 ROM
1. Screen is not properly used( the bottom side of phone there is tremendous gap which can be filled)
2. Call recording not working
3. Hangs too.much
4. Battery backup
5. Camera app which in 424 is worst
6. Face unlock not works properly.
Team Asus I suggest you to talk some more time but make the update proper to use at once.


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Same with me 424

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Same with me 424

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A Bluetooth-related problem is solved by rebooting, or by several reboots until it returns to normal.

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Thats what i am trying to say, android 10 use karne ka chakkar me beta version install kar ke phone ko kharab kr rhe ho..aur thik se operate bhi nhi hoga. Wait karo official android 10 stable ka

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Do use CUSTOM ROM and don't complaint ASUS. Do your job. Let them do theirs.

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It is not the nice way to say it.. is their phone , their software.. we are the customer.. some customers won't do custom ROMs. Believe me.. I've been constantly change ROMs in my previous phone, it was fun but eventually i want to go back to stock ROM. And we as customers, is our right to receive proper update from the brand itself so we can trust them as a branded phone company..

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Asus you have no professionals in the software department ?? The first beta version was released 5 months ago. are you out of your mind ?? the last time I bought your phone!