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8 months are ended where is Android 10 stable update

Rising Star II
Hlw Team, Total 8 months are ended where is Android 10 stable update for Asus Max Pro M1 device, please release at least one new update because we are facing few bugs on Android 9 and Android 10 also , on Android 9 ( 087 version ) - fingerprint function loss one to two time in a months so unfortunately when I am reboot my device so it is working fine after few time again this problem is come, and second bug is sound cracked on higher volume some Times and one more bug I'm facing that this device is warm during charging its normal temperature is always 42 and 41 degree with original charger in normal room condition, why i don't know, i think this is a software bug , so please check it and fixed it in next upcoming updates with carefully please and I'm following all trouble shooting like reset device and one thing more this fault is not in my speaker it is coming from software bugs so please optimise it as soon...

on Android 10 we are facing multiple bugs like speaker issue firstly, then some time random reboot issues and apps crashes and other than that during whatsapp calling speaker cracking issue and display brightness issue and sound is not recorded in third party apps which available on play store , these are the issues which we all Asus Max Pro M1 users are facing, so please fixed these all issues as soon as possible 🙏🙏

we are again requesting to all of you ( Team Members ) please release one new update for this device as soon we are facing lots of bugs !! hurry up guys

Rising Star II
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