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1 year anniversary of beta release

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Max Pro M2
Firmware Version: Stable .101
Rooted or not: no
Frequency of Occurrence:
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
The first beta was released on Jan 31, 2020. Like many things destroyed by COVID I guess the ability to make a stable ROM is also compromised of ASUS Developers. It will be a rare occurrence to see a developer working on a beta for ROM for over a year. I have both Pro M1 and Pro M2 being used in my family. I legit thought that in around 3 months after beta release we will get stable A10. The video in which a higher executive while presenting this device was joking about Google keeping true to their timeline, I wish he would see this post whilst the developer's has made fool of us users.

Even in the stable A9 version after 2nd last update, the battery backup is destroyed.
Used to get screen time of around 6 hours with total lasting about 2 days (yes I don't use it much) but now after update under same circumstances (yes same settings and applications and usage) the battery backup has been cut in half. This is seen on both Pro M1 and Pro M2.

Now apple pushes the software updates similarly and they deliberately made their older phones laggy, slow and poor battery backup so that the customers will buy new phone.

And these last two updates has made me feel same about Asus. They just want us to dump these phones and buy newer expensive one's. So they don't have to work on updates.

The mods on the forum are plain ignorant who have no idea if even they will rollout the stable update (if when) or not. Prove me wrong by providing us the ETA of A10 stable, mods, I dare you. Especially the mod victor who feels like has just set automated reply on with bot like replies (the same thing in 90% of his replies)

If the developers are not talented / smart enough to make a stable ROM in a year ask them to leave this beta and work on A11 beta or maybe even get a custom ROM of A10 and modify it. Ask them to get help from other developers and don't feel shy to ask for help from developers in XDA.

Now waiting for one of those automated reply (Keep following the official channels for updates on stable A10).

Let's hope and pray the developer's do some work and we get the Stable Update Roll out soon.

Or else just buy a phone from vivo/oppo/redmi because atleast they give timely updates. They might be "Chinese" brands but their support is much more better then Asus in updates.

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@victor0_ASUS Where are u my boy?

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Try charging in safe mode if the issue still appear then just format the phone or wait for another beta update because I am not facing any charging light issue on my phone.

the only issue I want them to solve from starting is audio quality from speaker, 3.5mm jack, and Bluetooth devices the audio is worst in android 10 beta build.

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Audio is worse than ever in 3.5mm Jack. Why I don't know asus failing in fixing in audio issues.

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And this is the result of their one year developed Rom.
After 12 months, 365 days of is a teaser below
Device not certified, Netflix not supported , safety net test failed..

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Switching To Custom Rom would be a better option 👍 Free From #AsusBugsForever