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Audiowizard mono not working

Star I
Model: ZB501KL
Firmware/App Version:
Frequency of Occurrence:
App Name: Audiowizard

Need help guys, whenever i enable my audiowizard and then select it to mono, it doesnt generate any sound. But then if i select it either stereo or outdoor it works fine but not as good as it used to. This bug came out nowhere and it works perfectly fine the other day. One thing i noticed is when i tried to connect it to my bluetooth headphones and speaker, it works perfectly fine but after I disconnect it, it will generate the same error again and again. I tried searching for possible solutions but none of them actually works. I tried stopping and disabling the app and then enabling it afterwards then i restarted my phone, nothings changed. Im really hoping for possible fix because one thing that i loved about this phone is its sound.

Zen Master I
Hi omygod_dude, Could you tell us your firmware version and audiowizard version? Please tell us the brand and model of your Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Thank you 🙂