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Zenfone 9 review: 4.5/5

Star II
I could not find an official review section for the Zenfone 9 so support and I decided this is the best place.
Reviews to the public or private feedback sections allow teams and their ux members to prioritize features so I am not sure why there is no place to do this for Asus products.
Anyway my review that I hope a Asus phone lead one day sees:
Great phone. Everything I've been looking for. Small form factor. Outstanding battery life. Near stock android. Aux port. This phone has everything an android user could wish for.
This phone may not be as compact as the Sony Xperia Compact from a couple years ago but it's a hair smaller than the Samsung s22 and is comfortable in my small hands.
The battery life. Lord the battery life. It's insane. I switched from the s22 because the battery on the s22 was severely lacking. No more battery anxiety here. At new the phone makes it to end of day with about 40% left. That's incredible and probably due to the new chip.
Aux port. Apple did society dirty by making this a standard. Yes I use Bluetooth and yes I'm okay with it but aux port comes in handy a lot. Traveling and your Bluetooth died? No problem wired headphones are 10 dollars and don't require a battery. In your friend's old car with no Bluetooth? That's fine you have aux! It's really nice and really appreciated.
Stock android is nice too. No bloatware is nice.
Hardware fingerprint sensor?!? Yes please! The underscreen ones are frustrating. They work 80 percent of time. The zenfone 9 works 99 percent of the time. It's great. Maybe placed a little awkwardly. But I'd take physical over screen. Ideally a fingerprint reader would be on back like the pixel 5 in my opinion but I understand that's hard fitting in with the large cameras.
Speaking of the cameras: they're okay. My Samsung s22 and my old pixel 5 did a little better. The selfies seem a little dark and the normal back cameras are missing something in the photos.

In conclusion Asus knocked it out of the park. If they were to make a Asus Zenfone 10 that was identical but put all their R&D into picture and camera processing I'd buy it as well. Wish Asus would advertise harder so the masses could see what they are missing out on. Only those paying attention caught this gem.


Rising Star II
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