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Zenfone 9 - Original in-box case

Star I

Hey, I am looking for the original case for the Zenfone 9, which came with it in the box. Is there maybe anyone (Europe, preferably) that would be willing to sell my their's if it is unused? I want to get one since mine has some cracks now and I wanted it to attach a Quad Lock adaptor to the back of it.

Thanks in advance


Star III

In my opinion with the Quad Lock would be better a more resistant and secure case. However, if you really need you can buy the Zenfone 9 Connex Accessories Set but it is a bit expensive and with the QL attached you could no longer use the accessories.

You should take the RhinoShield or one for Z10 as they are the same...

Star I

Dude iv sent u PM on reddit i can sell u my phone case I don't need it/ not using it